7 Twitter Status updates for Small Businesses


Small businesses are learning the power of twitter. Twitter is the perfect tool for targeting niches and and amplifying your marketing message, quick short updates that can reach not only a worldwide audience, but more importantly a local audience.

According to a report by GlobalOneIndex, Twitter is now the fastest growing social network, with the most active group of users are between the ages of 45-54! Since twitter is all about short updates, its perfect for mobile phones and has deep integrations into many mobile apps and phones.

In the US, the percentage of active Twitter users engaged via their mobile device has jumped from 37% to 43%. Almost 50% of twitter users are using Twitter on their mobile phone, talka bout a great mobile strategy!

The only question left is, “What to tweet about?” Below is a list of 10 status update topics that you can tweet about on a regular basis.

1) Offer Special Promotions

Create special promotions available exclusively to your Twitter followers. Share a special code or secret word that if mentioned will get your customers a discount.

2) Try Some Q&A

Social media is all about being interactive, so engage your followers. Tweet a question, and answer it with a link to a website with more information. For example, a dotor might ask “What makes you doctor great?” and then link to a blog post that provides insight into choosing the right doctor for your family.

3) A day-in-the-life

Tweet videos or photos that provide access to perspectives your followers can’t get other ways. A bike shop, for example, might tweet videos of how their mechanics fix bent wheels in the shop or put together a bike from scratch. What do you do on a regular basis that others may not know?!

4) Share New & Accolades

Were you mentioned in the local paper? Or highlighted on the 5 o’clock news? Find a link to the article or video and share it with the world. Be sure to say why you mentioned.

5) Tips & Hints

You’re the expert of your product or service and you should share that expertise with local tweeps (people who use twitter). Create a series of helpful tips related to your product or service that people would find interesting or surprising. A chef might tweet about cooking tips and a lawyer might tweet about a little known law process. If you remember to tweet them on the same day and time each week your followers will start to look for them.

6) Spotlight on Your Neighbors

Look for ways to focus on other local businesses that you interact with everyday and that your local audience can identify with. The business you call out will see your tweet and begin to interact with you, amplifying your reach. An example might be a picture of your morning coffee, or sharing some good news about a your favorite shop.

7) Entertain and Inspire

Did something good happen today? Run across a good quote? Learn something positive about yourself? Share it. People love to share tweets that entertain or inspire them. The goal here is to connect emotionally and get retweets and replies, amplifying your message!

Successful tweet tips

  • Try to keep Tweets to 71-100 characters, it leaves room for replying
  • Use at least 1 hashtag, people care about trends and topics (Don’t go overboard!)
  • The best time for retweets is between noon & 2pm
  • More tweets go out on Friday, than any other day
  • Statistics according to QuickSprout
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