WIDR Sliders & Brew Inspiration

WIDR Sliders & Brew Inspiration

An old friend recently approached me to design a poster and set of handbills for an indi-college radio station. The event: WIDR Sliders & Brew, one of stellar tunes, Michigan Breweries and mini burgers at a great new establishment, the Kalamazoo Beer Exchange.

As a Designer I was excited to do some pure graphics work, as an Artist I was bursting at the seams because she came to me first! The project, though small, gave me an opportunity to have free reign and let my creative flag fly. The only requirement was that the project be easily reproduced when shared and had to fit on the standard 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper and be black and white. This requirement makes it easier to reproduce. (*wink* *wink* If you feel like sharing the flier around Kalamazoo click the image below for a print ready version.)

The inspiration for the illustration on the poster and handbills came from a designer’s portfolio that I had come across not even a week earlier. Josh Sullivan, a web developer/designer out of Nashville, TN (formerly from my home state Illinois) had an awesome marine illustration covering his portfolio home page. My friend who commissioned the work wasn’t sure how a whale fit into the project, but was excited none the less.

I also took the opportunity to use a not-so-new technology known as QR Codes. Although, QR codes have been around for quite some time they are really making a surge now, especially when it comes to print advertising. These “scrambled egg” type codes allow you pass along just about any information to multiple devices without worrying about compatibility. Scanning the code on these fliers will allow you to save the Sliders & Brew event to your phone’s calendar. (If you need a QR code scanner for Android I recommend QR Droid.)

After revealing the final project the client blew up facebook (positively) with news on the event and gave props to Apt2Labs for the poster design. The project has already created a huge buzz around the WIDR Radio station. Everyone is excited about the event by just looking at the fliers because they evoke the aura surrounding the station so well.

We can’t thank WIDR enough for letting us be a part of this awesome event. For information on the event check out WIDR. If you’re in the Michigan area and want to come to the event feel free to download the posters, print them off and pass them around! For a look at the design click here.

WIDR Sliders & Brew by Apt2Labs

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